Spoon of Sugar Gladstone

About Me

I began decorating cakes with a close friend about 10 years ago for our first daughters’ birthdays. We each have three gorgeous girls who provided us with lots of opportunities for trying out new cake designs and techniques. We then started branching out into ‘boys’ cakes, wedding cakes and any other celebration cake we could convince our friends to let us make. We were so excited to receive our first paid cake order and from there started our hobby business from my kitchen.

My cake partner moved town and the cake business threatened to overrun my home. I continued to work from home until my youngest baby was old enough for school. The kitchen was bursting at the seams with cake supplies, and my eldest daughter shared her room with more cake equipment. In early 2018 we moved Spoonful out of our home and into its own space. My 10 year old daughter is ecstatic to have a bedroom all to herself and I love being able to bake without fighting dinner for oven time. Spoonful is settling nicely into its new home (the freezer is as big as my home kitchen!) and I am excited to see what comes next.

A few years ago my brother in law made a batch of macarons. They looked perfect and without knowing it he had issued a challenge that I was quick to accept. That Christmas I baked three different flavours and determined to master these tricky little French treats. Macarons are now part of Spoonful’s menu and it looks like they will be around for a while yet.

My hair smells sweet and my shoes are covered in sugar. My hands are bright green and I probably have chocolate on my face. I love my job and I love that my job makes you happy.